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We Provide the Tools, Experience, and Contacts to Augment Startups' Success

We have an ensemble team and broad networks with domain-specific expertise that can be used to help with recruiting, sales, legal, accounting, HR, marketing, filling the C-Suite bench, IP/patents, technology/coding, AI/ML, and other areas as need be. This approach leads to unparalleled interdisciplinary thinking predicated of different cultures, disciplines and experiences. We are engineers, technologists, psychologists, data-scientists, science-scientists, physicians, electrical engineers, machine-learning hackers, as well as musicians, artists, NGO-starters, ultra-runners and street-art enthusiasts. Honestly, we’re walking, talking Venn Diagrams. We pair equally well with Nobel laureates as we do techno punks. Some of our BFFs are contrarians and iconoclasts who thrive in the chaos of breakthrough-making or iterating on innovation.
If appropriate, we can also connect you with VCs, private equity founders, and even decision makers at the NYSE in instances of Initial Public Offering potential.

We take a first-principles, scientific approach to analyzing the potential for your startup. We soberly evaluate its viability by challenging you and your team via an evocative approach that you will learn from and make better, more informed decisions, which could include going back to the literal or proverbial drawing board, iron-cladding your IP, pivoting, or even not moving forward. It is in no one’s best interested to pursue a non-viable idea in spite it being a long held dream (or romance). We will never lead you on for the sake of a fee, nor will we jeopardize our track record and reputation by bringing a likely-to-fail nascent company to any funding entities. It’s not ethical, it serves no one’s best interest, it is corrosive to relationships, and is ultimately iatrogenic. Having made this clear, we will nevertheless listen with an open mind and work to believe before others understand, that’s one of our unique superpowers. Some others include:

> Viability analytics,

> Brokering key introductions,
> Company establishment and development, 
> Aiding in board recruitment and development,
> Funding consultation,
> Social media exposure,
> Content, tools and resources for all phases of start-up development and exiting.

We accelerate your vision so you can bring the future closer and show the world a new kind of possible. If you are a scientist, inventor or entrepreneur with an idea that can lead the world into a brighter future, we hope you will reach out.

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